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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  July 29, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the way the american peoplelp want to us do. bipartisan, balanced. and with an eye to job creation. reject what is on the floor and support the american people. >> in an impassioned plea called in his republican colleagues to support him, which enough of them did, patsing the bill to cut spending by a trillion dollars and to raise the debt limit by the same amount. however, speaker boehner added a pro vision that calls for a balanced budget amendment. this means both the house and the senate would have to pass a balanced budget amendment an amendment to the constitution, and they'd have to do that by a two-thirds majority. it virtually kills chances of the proposal going forward. now, all iz are move together senate. the senate majority leader promised a vote on saturday night, on his proposal which calls for cuts, equal to the
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amount of raising the debt limit but, it does not have that balanced budget proposal. and big question is whether he can get enough support with democrats and maybe a few republicans to get that passed through the house before tuesday deadline. it does not look very hopeful. at this point we talked with our abc political analyst, and he said we've moved away from an agreement, not towards an agreement with this boehner vote. >> the boehner vote in, doing that moved away from td position the democrats wanted. but let's go forward here. and if you had to put percentages on this, how much is due to real ideological differences? how much is political post you'ring? and we've got an election coming up.
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and this is in a year and a half. less than that. what is the percentages if you just had to throw it out there? >> this is largely political. i nrgs the tea party has their pledge not to raise taxes and i think speaker boehner tried to make his proposal more acceptable so he can get this proposal passed. and his speakership is in jeopardy if he cannot marshal his troops. and he may have saved speakership, did he not move towards the goal of getting an agreement. and now it will be up to the senate to craft the plan and hope for a compromise in time to avoid the tuesday deadline. >> thank you, mark. >> and here is some per spex on how dire the u.s. debt crisis is becoming. apple nowç has more cash than the federal government.
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this morning, the treasury department says there is $73 billion in cash on hand, apple says there was a cash reserve of nearly $76 billion. >> all eyes are watching capitol hill because the phone shall of a federal default will have huge consequences for america's high tech center. david louie now with that story. >> some of the top executives have job creation on their minds. they gathered today to focus on an action plan. the goal may unravel draw maticly. >> stocks started to fall 30%. and goitsing to affect everyone, even psychologically, every company holds back on buying. >> the companies in the best position have plenty of cash on ledgers, sheltering them selfs from rising interest rates you don't borrow that much. we're au!p,óreñ california compo
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it might not impact us. >> executives from top u.s. banks attempted a meeting to discuss impact on rates and have told the president the consequences would be grave. there are also concerns of global impacts, silicon valley is a magnet for international company that's do research and development here and sell to the u.s. market. and this is one of them. >> the governor is dysfunctional this creates a complex environment for all of us and makes it difficult for me to commit to the north american market to commit to hiring and that is not good for anyone. >> other impact of the imtz couldbe reduced government spending. and7no the heart of what sill i convalley does is expected to be cut 2% to 3%. >> it's going to be important. i don't think we've done enough. >> the clock is ticking and business leaders here say the future course of the economy
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is in the hands of congress. >> does congress listen to what you're saying on facebook, twitter and you tube? a survey says, yes. >> let your members of congress know. make a phone call. tweet. keep the pressure on washington. but... >> this morning, the president urged americans to contact members of congress to pressure them to reach a compromise on raising the debt ceiling. a new survey of congressional staffers by the management foundation asked if they found social media effective in gauging opinions. more than two-thirds said facebook is an important tool. twitter, 42%. you tube brks a third. >> they can post something on their facebook page, and within 24 hours, have public opinion. >> this poll isn't scientific but experts say members tend to be good pollsters. if they get answers wrong, they lose their jobs. >> we want to know how this changed your lives.
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record a testimonial on your cell phone and upload it to you 7 so we can tell your story here on abc 7 news. a vigil expected at east oakland street corner where a good samaritan was shot and killed while feeding the homeless. the 29-year-old was shot in the head this week when someone in a van opened fire on him and his wife and his two young step daughters. his wife and one child were wounded but are okay. there is a small memorial on 47th avenue where the shooting took place there. is a $25,000 reward for information leading to a suspect. >> and crews began installing a final cat walk that will play a major role in the construction of the span. you can see three of them hanging from the tower. a fourth will allow workers to begin stringing wire that's will be bound together to form the giant cable which will homd up the signature stand. the patrol plans a crack down
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on drivers who are speeding on the bay bridge. they'll be targeting drivers heading westbound. the speed limit there is 40 miles per hour approaching that s curve before yerba buena i'll yanld. senseors noticed average speed increased by 10 miles per hour at certain times. >> people tend to pick up their speeds and they pick up speed, they don't negotiate that s curve as they should. we've had some issue was that s curve before. >> and drivers will see patrols and caltrans and chp will decide if drivers received a message and if any additional steps need to be taken. >> californians are driving less. the state board says california's gas consumgts is down by 4%. average price in april for a gallon in california rose by over $1. and a 34% increase from last year. now, in an effort to ease pain
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at the pump the president announced a deal that will save drivers money and cut fuel emissions. the agreement pledges to double fuel economy to 54 miles per gallon by year 2025. >> most of the companies here today were part of an agreement that we reached two years ago to raise the fuel efficiency of cars over the next five years. and the vehicles on display here are one that's benefited from that span. folks buying cars like these in the next several years will end up saving more than $3,000 over time, because they can go further on a gallon of gas. >> the president said the agreement is the most important step the country has taken to reduce its dependence on foreign oil. >> time now for a check of the weekend forecast. >> sandhya patel is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> it's going to be a beautiful weekend to get out sichld we'll have the usual summer time fog around first thing in the morning.
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and into afternoon for some areas like coast. we're looking at coastal fog this evening, mid-50s to mid-70s, tomorrow morning, areas of fog, temperatures into low 50s to low 60s, afternoon, looking for a mix of sun and high clouds, with temperatures much like today, low 60s to low 90s, i'll be back to let you know if this wide range of temperatures will stick around as we head into sunday. carolyn? larry? >> thank you. >> and coming up, the new smart phone app promising to allow runners and spectators to interact at the san francisco marathon. >> how fire works experts helped make a dream come true for a mom with terminal cancer. >> and advertising on two wheels. the idea by an unemployed man trying to make enough money to save his family. almost 4:10 on a get way friday. checking out traffic now, our first look at traffic on the bridge. and smooth in both directions whether you're heading on the right side towards peninsula
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or left side back towards the east bay. we'll be back with more on the news at 4:00. t$zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzñ
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scientists made important discoveries on a condition called voice blindness. researchers found people with displexa have a harder time distinguishing these, thinking it's because we learn to make tw z.distinguish them as we learn to read z dyslexics struggle with this process. a study by researchers at uc davis suggest eating too much sugar can increase a risk of heart disease and found people who got 25% of their daily calories from added sugar had elevated levels of
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bad cholesterol and other substances. the study suggests federal dietary guidelines may be too lax and recommend getting no more than 25% of the daily cal a ris from added sugar. >> and the virginia wm -- woman with terminal cancer has seen a final come tru. a medal emergency kept her from watching july 4th fire works with her son, but this week, her community made it happen. >> reporter: it was 4th of july all over again. this time, in their own backyard. >> it was devastated she could not go to fire work autos the 29-year-old tanya snead has terminal cancer. a surgery kept her away this summer. it could be the last holiday she has left to share with her 3-year-old son. >> it wasn't about fire works but seeinghrq fire works in kaiden's eye autos one call
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from a cousin was all it took to bring the scottsville fire department to her house, ready to make the miracle happen. >> the communityu! gives us. we had the opportunity to give back and tomy make an impression and a memory for her son. he can have for the rest of his life. >> kaiden may have covered his ears for the show but he sure likedfá riding in the truck. the crew made him an honorary fire fighter. >> always remember, buckle up. >> it's a night everyone hopes kaiden and his mom will never forgot. >> the story is one you need to cherish every day. you need to take time to let the ones around you know they're loved one autos regardless if they she has weerks, months, years, who knows? she got to see something beautiful. a texas man is putting a new twist on the term mobile ads. and these mobile ads fworing up on his bike after losing
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his job and being unable to find one, he decided to cut outxd >> i was going to ask. it seems like his legs were blocking the design a bit. >> we're in store for fantastic weather this weekend. >> yes. and sandhya patel is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> and you'll want to plant yourself right here this, weekend, because it's going to be beautiful no matter where you are. something for everyone. fog at the coast. and sunshine inland.
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does that sound familiar? we'll show you a live picture. here is a view from our emeryville camera. you can see fog looking back towards san francisco this, is our summer time pattern and it's going to stick around for a while. and take a look at the satellite picture from afternoon. you'll notice the coastline pretty socked nchl we have extensive clouds along the coast. inland areas did enjoy sunshine this afternoon. and to the east of us, we've been seeing thunderstorms flaring up. as you take a look at live doppler 7 hd, numerous thunderstorms we've been seeing over 200 lightning strikes in this area. so if you have travel plans you want to stay tuned here, temperatures into 60s along the bay. well inland and now, numbers into 80s, coastal fog locally inland tonight, mild to warm for weekend. high clouds heading in associated with thunderstorms. subtropical moisture, moving in from the desert south skbeft we're seeing some of
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this getting into the sierra nevada f you're traveling tomorrow afternoon, we're expecting sierra storms this weekend. and this is when you keep this in mind, there may be rain accompanying it. some moisture is expected to come out towards the p southern monterey county areas so there is a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms developing sunday morning heading into weekend and you're making plan just an fyi. temperatures into 50s and fog along the coast. tomorrow afternoon, you're looking at a mild day. 79 in santa clara and 80 degrees for san jose. and there is high clouds filtering in the sun a little bit. upper 70s for redwood city. 62 degrees on the coast and half moon bay. with peeka boo sun that, is about it.
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and 60 in daily city. north bay, 60s at the coastline. mid-90s around clear lake and 76 in santa rosa after starting out with fog, you'll see mix of sun and high clouds. there is 76 degrees in castro valley. inland, it's a pretty warm day. for the monterey bay, 66 degrees in monterey. here is the accu-weather forecast. slow 60s to low 90s range, and similar sunday, slight cooling for monday z then, temperatures will be within a few degrees next week. so no real extreme autos thank you, sandhya. >> and the stars were out last night in hollywood. if you were in the right place. >> that and a popular comedian's court appearance. >> this top entertainment story is in west virginia. comedian andy kick -- dick is
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being ordered to stand trial from an alleged nightclub incident last year involving repeated lewd acts. and lady gaga and actor james franco were the center after tension last night at separate events just a block apart. lady gaga showed up to perform a concert for jimmy kimmel live, attracting 2000 fans. across the street, james franco promoted a flick "rise of the "planet of the apes"". joining fellow cast members. >> one of the amazing things is that i don't think we acted in front of a blue screen. it was real sets. it's very new for this kind of work. >> join the action in theaters on friday. there is more pictures on >> and up next two, twins, one crime, lots of doubts, police wondering if they have the right brother in jail. >> and a dog that plays dead.
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that is him. going big on you tube. >> then on abc 7 news at 5:00 radio ad some worry is designed to scare californian as way from voter initiative process. >> one more check of traffic taking a look at san francisco skyway f you're headed south, you're loving life now on a friday afternoon. that is clear sailing but if you're heading towards bay bridge, it's very slow going indeed. coming up with more on the news at 4:00.
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there is a new phone app that is promising to make the
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experience much more interactive. the marathon app allows to track progress of a friend or family member running in the race from your computer or a smart phone. the app locates runners by using radio transmitter that's come with their numbed bibs made by map my fitness. >> so if you're like on the route, you can see your location, and then, runners locations. so you can kind of tell, like when they're coming around the bend. it's useful. so you can get signs up or get your horns out and cheer on your friends. >> and eliminates any rosie ruiz kind of things like someone jumping in. it would allow you to send messages to your runner during a race. you can encourage them. >> they might be busy to pull it out. >> yes. >> and take a look at this one. a dog faking a death has become a top viral video on
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you tube. watch, she scares her doggy friend when playing dead. right there. she was bit in the neck. her performance is nothing short of oscar worthy. look at the other dog. they play to build up survival skills and playing dead is wuchbt best ways to avoid getting eaten by wild animal autos timber! >> and that is good. >> and still ahead, the new maps that could redraw california's influence in congress and balance of power in sacramento. >> the first tribute of its kind. remembering a sheriff's deputy who died trying to help a friend. >> and a defiant court peer yens for an army pilot accused of planning a terrorist attack on fellow soldiers. >> the view from our camera is showing you fog rolling in. but will it move out tomorrow and make way for sun again? find out with my accu-weather forecast.
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a solemn tribute to a slain sheriff's deputy. hundreds lined up to honor jim
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math yison today. he was shot and killed by the girl's ex-girlfriend. >> friends, family and colleagues filled the memorial in san rafael. wayne freedman was there. >> reporter: it had been a century since marin county last mourned a murdered sheriff's deputy. there was neither a strip nor a template when the department remembered him today. just outpouring of emotion. >> we feel broken. broken inside as a result of his passing. i can't describe it. it's just a wonderful human being. just embodied the spirit of law enforcement and just being a humanitarian. >> friends say his always wanting to help led to his death. a family friend's daughter add been dating a 28-year-old parole who shot mathison dead
4:29 pm
in front of the house, then the girl brother killing him. the department hopes that status may change at least in terms of family benefits. >> there are those who are in charge of making decisions in this regard who are currently reviewing circumstances. i don't know how they're going to decide in this particular matter. >> at the memorial, friends and family paint aid verbal portrait of a fun loving man who came late to the department but left a lasting mark. he worked in the jail and courts mostly, the kind of guy made prisoners smile apparently. >> and in every organization needs a bunch of jims. because they're mature and have life experience. >> jim worked in construction long before joining the department. if his friends needed a deck or patio or a load dumped he came through for them and never said you owe me one and loved to take friends on the lake on his boat. >> one of his favorite ways to spend the day was on the lake with family and friends towing
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skier after skier, guide his boat. and ending the day with a barbecue and cocktail or two. or three. >> marin county deputy sheriff was 49 years old. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. in marin county wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> norwegians today began burying victims of a massive terrorist attack one week after an extremist killed 77 nem a bombing and shooting rampage. and many gathered here at a community center in oslo to mourn victims. nine died in the bombing of the government building and 68 others died when a gunman opened fire on a political youth camp. the leader of the youth wing vows attacks will not destroy norway's commit tomt democracy. >> the army private accused of plotting a terrorist attack on soldiers in texas was defiant
4:31 pm
today during his first court appearance this, is video of him leaving the federal court house. inside, he refused to stand as he's being arraigned then shouted out the name of a man accused in the deadly rampage in fort hood. more tee tails about the alleged plot revealed today in court. army private once says he couldn't fight in a war because his religion preaches peace. this interview with wsmv. >> i refuse to go to afghanistan because it was against my conditions. >> now, police say the 21-year-old was planning what they describe was a terrorist attack on fellow u.s. soldiers. he went to a gun shop near fort hood, paying cash for ammunition and gun powder. the clerk who sold him the material thought something wasn't right. >> i asked what is the potential for a problem? if i'm uncomfortable, i'm
4:32 pm
unbashful. >> the arnly granted him objector status but put discharge on hold after allegedly finding child porn on his government computer, on july 4th he went awol. investigators say he then set his sites on fort hood, the same base traumatized when a major killed 13 and wounded 30 others. investigators say he wanted to get even with the military and planned to detonate two bombs in a restaurant near the base then shoot survivors. >> we made a decision to call the police it and worked out well. >> police found him in a nearby hotel they found ammo, pift krol and pone yents to build two bombs and an article called how to make a bomb in your kitchen. came from an english language al qaeda magazine "inspire". he's been charged with carrying an unregistered firearm. he's due back in court august 4th.
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>> and there are conflicting reports tonight about the death of the commander of libyan rebels. witnesses say he was killed by fellow rebels while in custody on treason charges but the rebels leadership party says he was ambushed while on his way to meet with his military commanders and said nothing about treason. that may indicate a split in the rebel banks. he was muammar gaddafi's interior minister before deflecting to the rebel autos prosecutors in arizona seeing double trying to decide which twin is a murder suspect. one has been in jail since march charged in a deadly shooting outside of a chandler nightclub. now, he could be released on bail because witnesses say his twin brother, brandon is the real killer, police don't have a murder wen onand very little evidence to go on. yesterday a judge lowered orlando's bail.
4:34 pm
>> having a twin brother involved that was at the incident, or at 9 location on the night of the incident probably complicated things as well. >> orlando has face charges of burglary and marijuana possession in the past, his twin brother does not appear to have a criminal record. >> the independent commission redrawing state's legislative and congressional districts delivered a final draft of the new maps today. and experts are saying they're likely to reduce the influence of the republicans more. we sent 19 republicans to the house now that. could drop to just five. democrats are hoping it will allow them to achieve majority leaded -- needed to pass tax increases. members say they're proud of their work and that includes four inds. >> we've created a new landscape with opportunities for new leadership to emerge. >> and final certification is
4:35 pm
due by august 15th allowing time for input. new lines expected to draw court challenges and possibly launch another initiative battle. >> and still to come, tropical weather is pretty unwelcome on the gulf coast. but not right now. texas is looking forward to tropical storm don. swreel a live report from drought-stricken corpus christi. >> and later what the internet browser you choose says about your iq. >> take a look at traffic now. 4:35 on a friday afternoon. golden gate bridge f you're heading towards marin, it's slow into the city. breezing along nicely f you're traveling this weekend here is a look at the forecast. >> breezing along nicely if you're flying out west but not the case in other parts of the country. qul notice here chicago and wad watd are both reporting 30-45 minute delays due to the weather conditions there. we have delays around la
4:36 pm
guardia and jfk of about an hour to two hours on arriveal due to low ceilings, thunderstorms, and dulles is reporting delays now of about 45 minutes. i'll be back with a full look at the local forecast later on in the broadcast.
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tropical storm zon getting closer to the texas gulf coast but no one is complaining. texas is in the middle of a severe drought. not even this tropical storm
4:39 pm
is expected to break it. we're live and it's unusual for a tropical storm to be this welcome. >> that is right. you see signs up he saying go away, hurricane or tropical storm insert name here. we haven't seen that. right now, as you can tell, the winds have picked up, and waves getting bigger but only problem with don is that he's not big enough. meteorologists say he's not forecast to be a full strength hurricane but winds are expected to strengthen to 60 miles per hour and waves could reach seven to 10 feet. that has many residents taking no chances. >> supposed to be a nonevent. you don't want to wait to get your boat ready. >> we're leaving and have got to go. >> fortunately the texans we spoke to were praying don would bring rain that. is because 90% of the lone star state has been suffering from a severe drought. forecasters say it will bring
4:40 pm
three to six inches of rain z saying the areas that need it may not get a drop. that has many folks i spoke to disappointed. they say it's been feel like an oven for months and they were hoping for some relief but nondon is not going give it to them. now, back to you from a lot of wind and waves. >> it's breezy out there. and as you said, farmers and ranchers looking forward to drought relief. what about beach goers? where you are? this is vacation season. are they paying attention to warnings? >> we took a drive down to the beach today and saw a lot of people making their way out there. they were enjoying wind and sun. some said they had plans to close the beaches that afternoon because they said believe it or not, don may not be big but the storm surge could be a problem and saying out of precaution they wanted to make sure there are no beach growers around. >> all right. makes sense.
4:41 pm
and thank you. >> and a whale has taken a liking to a river on the north coast not far from oregon border. the 40 foot gray whale showed up about a month ago. biologists used dozens of methods to dry to lure the whale back to the pacific ocean but it ain't going. scientists expect it will leave when the food supply runs out. >> it's enjoying a vacation there, looks like. starting to look like ipod is so yesterday. why sales are sinking fast, and some say it's apple's own fault. >> how organizers are joining a fight against bad breath at this year's gilroy garlic festival g luck on that.
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beautiful shot from the east bay now. you're looking across to mount diablo. we'll have a look at the weekend forecast just ahead. and sales of the ipod are dropping like a rock. experts say other products may be to blame. apple sold 7.5 million ipods since the recent quarter, experts say a factor is that smart phones can also store and play music. >> and there is a lot of ipods at home. living social make it easier
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to get in touch on vacation. >> five losing days for the markets. investor anxiety remains high. the nation awaits news on whether the debt ceiling can be raise add head of next week's deadline z a reward out on the housing market shows homeownership fell to the lowest level since 1998 because of stricter lending standard s that block purchases and foreclosures, forcing people out of their homes showing the rate is just under 66%. and living social partnered up to offer customers deals for destinations they're traveling to. the concept is simple. sign up for the deals on the web site, then you'll get access to the daily deal that's residents that have story see every day.
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and that is business at the new york stork stock exchange. >> one of the iconic images of world war ii, you can get a new look at the kiss. >> bay area communities making their own currency. michael finney shows how it works. >> and later on abc 7 news at 5:00, the buzz in one neighborhood leaving homeowner as frayed to open their doors. stay with us. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. one last look at the traffic and about a half hour ago we showed you the skyway in downtown san francisco. it's a breeze headed south. not any mom, it's gridlock in
4:50 pm
both directions and heading towards the bay bridge, it is always like that at this time. >> it's friday. it's. >> friday. and it's bad. >> and communities are coming up with ways to keep money local and raise extra funds for local projects. >> fairfax is the latest town to offer an alternative occurrencey. >> this small town minted its own $3 coin. >> we have a strong sense of local here and have a really strong local business community and want to keep that it way. >> there are strict guidelines to creating your own currency. >> it doesn't compete with u.s. dollars. it's in a small area is the only place you can use them. >> the president of fairfax lumber. >> more and more folks are opting for their change to be returned to them in fair buck autos not everyone heard of
4:51 pm
the new currency a lot of people are trying it. >> we give them a 10 and said can we have change in fair buck? so this is our change. >> other towns and districts have come up with their own currency. one of the things making the fair buck unique is it's collaboration between chamber of commerce, and local environmental nonprofit. the main risk to consumers is that businesses could stop accepting them. there is a save guard for the first year, anyone can cash in their coins at the fairfax branch of first fidelity. >> there are 13,000s ndz a reserve we're holding for the businesses. to make sure that this works. >> if it works the steering committee plans to spend profit between $1 itd costs to make the coins on projects in fairfax. >> probably will start with more beautification. >> but not everyone is making
4:52 pm
the leap just yet. mike martin is waiting it out and sticking with what he knows works. >> just a regular go g.old american cash and checks. >> and if addition to fairfax and vernal heights, the town of point reyes started using a local currency. >> a survey suggests which internet browser you use could shed light on your iq. a web consultant company gave 100,000 people an iq test while monitoring which browser they took. found internet explorer users have lowest average scores. chrome, fire fox and safari users were slightly higher and obscure browsers like opera had exceptional iqs. experts caution results are not scientific.
4:53 pm
i hope they are not. >> phew. >> yes. >> we know sandhya patel is an opera user, of course. >> right. never wrong, either. and i'll show you the forecast for tomorrow morning. we're going to see fog and around the bay and it has been going in last couple mornings, fog will pull away a hill bit at times. 60s at beaches. we're going to see 90s inland. a good 30 degree span. here are the temperatures for saturday. 90 degrees in antioch, up to 87 in fairfield and livermore, warm inland as you can see. and bordering on hot around clear lake and mid-90s, one thing you'll notice is that sun will be filtered by higher clouds moving in from the south. and there is 80 in san jose. 78 fremont. 77 in palo alto. if you're going to be in the
4:54 pm
north bay, mid-70s for santa rosa. along the coastline, enough fog and enough of a sea breeze to keep your temperatures into low to mid-60s. if you liked the weather you're going to enjoy the weekend. you'll see those extra clouds around for the weekend. around the monterey bay, 74 degrees in santa cruz, up to 88 in morgan hill. gilroy garlic festival this weekend. it will be warm, though. 87 degrees there. 73 in salinas. 66 in monterey. if you're getting out of town we'll see very active weather from tahoe, 82 degree was scattered showers and thunderstorms. and down towards yosemite, also the same story. 89 there. las vegas, a chance of thunderstorms. 98 degrees and toasty in palm springs. 105. mild weather in los angeles, 82 degrees there. sacramento, or chico, low to mid-90s, once again, bay area
4:55 pm
we're expecting typical weather. 60s coast, 90s inland. enjoy the weekend. >> you, too, thank you. >> and one of the iconic images of the end of world war i sismt famous kiss in times square, new york. >> a copy of the giant sculpture of the kiss is in the bay area. abc 7's don sanchez shows us. >> the famous photograph is forever a symbol of the celebration that ended world war ii. but look at the kiss as a sculpture this, is a reproduction of the 25 foot statue. >> it's a guy fight to keep awe live. these people came home, they felt a bond. >> people came back home, and in a sense, rebuilt the world. veterans gathered for the ceremony. and remembering those who didn't come back. >> that was kind of the culmination of an ending of a very long and bitter war.
4:56 pm
>> one of the dosents was just a few miles from times square when the celebration happened. >> it was over. and people could start living again. and there were young person started to play that bugel, i have to... it's very important to me. >> the idea of an annual tribute to unsung heroes came from edith shane, the nurse in the tote photo. she visited in 20106789 she died four months later but the vision lives on w.a national spirit of 45 days. this couple is leaving here for the veteran's home in yontville. then pier 45, winding up in san jose august 14th for spirit of 45 days. the san jose celebration will be in history park. this unveiling has special significance. this would have been edith
4:57 pm
shane's 93rd birthday. >> and finally now, the 33 ready annual garlic festival kicks off today this, year, organizers are tackling a common concern, that would be bad breath. >> visitors will get free mouth wash to get rid of the garlic breath they'll have after enjoying the fare. more than 100,000 people are expected this year. and hundreds already started pouring in this morning. >> and another focus for vendors is buying and selling local. that is something they say could have a big impact on the kme.. >> we all got together with families and friends and ate local foods like foster farms chicken. we added $16 kbrinl to the state economy. you're helping the environment. >> in case you're wondering typical items will return, garlic bread, garlic fries and garlic ice cream. a few years ago, nobody knew about garlic fries and started
4:58 pm
selling them over at at and t park. they're the rage. >> they're great. not sure about the ice cream. >> have you to try. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and the news at 5:00 continues right now with cheryl jennings. >> the check that might not be in the mail for a million californians unless the debt crisis is solved. and sensors talking -- clocking your speed on one bay area bridge. and the radio ads that could scare people from signing ballot petitions in california. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings, dan ashley is off tonight. the debt showdown in washington took a new turn tonight. the republican controlled house passed a bill to exend the government's authority to borrow money. now it's on to a hostile democratly controlled senate. the deadline just four days away. john?
4:59 pm
>> good evening, if it first you don't succeed, change the bill to try to attract more votes and try again that. is what the house speaker d now, possibly within minutes, the senate preparing to take up the plan tonight. >> a's 218, nays 210. the bill is passed. >> house speaker john boehner pushed his plan through the house. >> this house has acted and it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table! tell us where you are! >> according to critics they came at a cost. >> republicans took a bad bill and made it worse. >> to lure tea party republicans, boehner added a balanced budget amendment making it less attractive to democrats. it raises a debt ceiling for six months but requires both house and senate to pass the constitutional amendment by two-thirds vote before the nation could raise the credit limit. >> thent


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